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re: I'm dealing with this question for a long time now. I have a late 2012 MBPr, 8GB RAM. I was looking into Dell XPS (but the Developer Edition is no...

Buying any computer is a gamble though. I’d rather take my chances with Apple at the Genius Bar than say any other computer manufacturer that doesn’t have as good of customer support.

There are a lot of haters out there and people really like to nitpick Apple. Their voices tend to be louder than say others who actually prefer the butterfly keyboard or whatever else. Whenever their are dramatic shifts in the design of their hardware or software people get all up in arms about it. Take Final Cut Pro X for example. I think I was the only person editing video with FCPX launched sometimes considering all the people who jumped ship and went to Premiere. There I was editing video just fine in FCP and my app was hardware accelerated while Premiere was not. People tend to do the popular thing. I’m not one of them.

I highly doubt the number of people effected by the reported issues are a majority of users. I once invested in the first MacBook Pro, knowing it was a gamble. That thing overheated all the time toward the end of the warranty. Apple was kind enough to replace the logic board and the next one still did the same thing after awhile. I have a backup for cases like this, so it’s OK.


This. Apple done right is hyper productive. There are people who buy Apple for fashion (consumer) & those who use them up to produce things. I saw the FCP/Premiere performance thing & it didn't impact me (not a video editor) though I think about learning to edit from time to time. I like that you will make you own decision without regard to hype, choosing the results focused correct option. It's what I try to aim for.

I know Apple spends a lot of time (the most?) & money thinking about the future of video (screens/flash/itunes/hwood partnerships/fcp/Apple TV/Pixar/NextOS/Disney/Adobe/cameras/FT/patents). They want to own video.

Most of the dramas are clickbait & edge cases at large scale. The keyboard issue is not massive but is happening & is basically the equivalent to bricking your machine. A bluetooth keyboard or backup is cheap insurance to get back to work.

It's not busy but there are no real positive comments.


Personally, I have been thinking about having some metal keys made, would be cool while dealing with the issue (I wrote this on an 18MBP15 <1yr with 4 switched over keys).

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