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Discussion on: My Completely Biased Reasons for Choosing Angular

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Steve Belovarich • Edited on

Been working a lot with React, Vanilla JS and Web Components lately and I honestly miss Angular for all the reasons stated above.

It’s not trivial to maintain build infrastructure for modern JavaScript applications, but Angular CLI makes it so easy!

I’ve often wondered how many of the ideas in Angular were inspired by GWT, i.e. class Decorators and Dependency Injection. It would make sense for the Angular team to provide a similar interface to GWT if they wanted engineers at Google to adopt Angular over GWT and then lean so hard into these concepts while the rest of the JavaScript community was going the way of functional. Functional is OK, but unlike classes I find functional architectures like React Hooks to be a barrier to entry in JavaScript for people coming from other languages. Angular has stood the coarse, while React has changed dramatically over the years, causing a lot of friction within that community.

You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.

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John Woodruff Author

It’s crazy to me how much mental overhead goes away when using Angular especially with Angular CLI. Things I had to worry about with any other technology that are simply taken care of by the CLI. It’s pretty great.

Thanks so much for commenting!