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Access your daily URL's using a shortcut

this is my first post here, I decided to post this here because I believe that most of the people that uses this site have the same problem as I had. I hope that this will ease your daily work and increase your productivity.

I'm a developer for 6+ years, and no matter on which project I'm working on there is always a list of URL's that I'm opening every day. For example Jira stories. They all seem the same, but only the last part of the path is different. Since I'm using Google Chrome I developed an extension that will help me access these urls.

You can install the extension from here.

For example, if you have a lot of tasks in Jira and all they have the same base URL but only the last few characters are different.

You can set up this extension as:

Sample set up

And when you press CTR+SHIFT+F, a popup will appear where you only write the last 4 characters, for example 3830, and by pressing enter or Go button, the link will be opened in new tab.

Sample link

If you're interested on the source code you can find it here:


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Milan Chheda

Nice extension. One of the other cool things that can be done when using JIRA and Chrome is searching in JIRA using the browser search

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Geoff Stevens

That could actually be really helpful. Have you built Chrome extensions before? How long did it take?

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Stevan Kostoski

This was my first chrome extension, I don't have any experience with Chrome extensions development previously. I developed it in 4-8h, it was really easy, you can see the source code if you want.