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How to Improve Your (Junior) Developer Resume Bullets

Andrew Stetsenko on December 17, 2019

How to make your tech resume attractive to employers and recruiters if you don’t have a lot of professional experience? Strengthening experience de... [Read Full]
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Some solid advice, Andrew πŸ˜‰ What do you think, would exact numbers work better than round ones? I mean, instead of "Reduced 30% of the page load time" we could use "Reduced 31.6% of the page load time".

On sales pages, these numbers perform better as they appear more credible. Not sure if it's the same on CVs though πŸ€“


Thanks a lot for the question! I'd use round ones on a resume, since they are easier to read.


Seems that quantifying the value and showing the added benefit is the way to go. Completely agree!


Is it normal to get the quantitative result of work you've done? It has never happened to me or the people who know have never told me about it. Maybe I'm working at the wrong jobs?

For people like me without any number to base our accomplishments on would you suggest just guessing or don't include numbers at all? Great advice overall πŸ‘


This is true, average companies and startups don't necessarily measure many of these figures. The only place I have used these mathematical terms is making a site faster.


So basically, not:

I am a good programmer


I am an extremely talented person, who uses his rare and well developed skills, to design and build fully functional websites with outstanding performance using XYZ technologies.


1) A good rule of thumb is to avoid using personal pronouns (especially "I") in a resume. Everything on your resume pertains to you...

2) Using adjectives like "talented," "outstanding," "rare," etc. also makes little sense. Any of us can add them to the resume, none of us would write: β€œI’m NOT talented...”

Strengthening experience descriptions is not about adding beautiful words and phrases. It's about showing potential employers that you can deliver results.


Thanks for sharing!

Do you think contributing to the community can be on par with showing what you’ve had to deal with real-life situations(i.e the bullet points you’ve listed)?

By contributing I meant:

  • contributing to an open source project
  • being active on Stack Overflow
  • exploring the source code of a technology(framework) and sharing the findings in an article

Thank you!


Some good advice there, thanks.

I'm working on a project for developers who want to make resumes.
The idea is to create a yaml file which would be the content of your resume and can convert it to pdf using a desired template:

It's in a beta state for now, but feel free to have a look and contribute, give ideas or feedback, it's always appreciated.


Great article Andrew. It's always important to showcase those tangible outcomes!

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