Truly Integrated Development Environment

stereobooster on May 05, 2019

When people say IDE most of the time they mean just glorified text editor, sometimes with the debugger, sometimes with autocompletion. In my opinio... [Read Full]
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You forgot to mention Gitpod (gitpod.io/) One defines dev env in Dockerfile, checks it in on GitHub, let Gitpod build it continuously together with the project, and then can open it in one-click on any branch and PR. It's based on Theia and used to develop Theia, see github.com/theia-ide/theia/blob/ma...

All other solutions are just IDEs without automation part, you still have to configure your tools and build everything manually.


Gitpod is basically Theia as service. I listed projects, not services so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Thanks for developing Theia and co 👍


Which points that I mention jetbrains covers (a compiler, an automation tool, a package manager, a version switcher, a language server, a linter or a type checker, a formatter)? For which languages? If it doesn't support required language (Haskell for example), can I write extension myself to add support?


Sorry for the confusion. Yes you are right it is not a compiler, an automation tool, a package etc. I mentioned it because i found it easier to use the jetbrains ide more than any other ides since it has good integration with many programming languages. It even has a docker integration.


Most modern ides accomplish all of this with plugins, allowing it to support any language. Vscode, atom, jetbrains, eclipse. Even your example of Theia is just vscode with specific plugins running in the browser using docker.


There is a difference between you can add it yourself or it comes out of the box packaged as one thing. My idea was to pre-pack everything in docker, so you can tun it with one command and have all tools preinstalled. Example github.com/theia-ide/theia-apps/bl...


This extension for vs code makes working within the docker container possible. Haven’t tried it yet.

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