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Hugo: an almost ideal static website generator

stereobooster on August 19, 2019

I use Hugo for my blog. For me, as a developer, this is an ideal experience. I can edit markdown files in my editor of choice. I can open-source ... [Read Full]
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To me Hugo is an almost ideal SSG since it supports writing with Asciidoctor unlike with Jekyll where you have to install a plugin for it. With the heavier feature set of Asciidoctor and the performance of Hugo, it makes for a fun writing experience.

I said almost ideal since it doesn't support the native front matter of Asciidoctor.


Yes, and this also allows creating your own tags easily with plugins: although replacing existing constructs is not supported yet:


You should try out Gatsby.js. Static site generator based in React, also amazing performance.


I use it on my site

It's true, that somehow the custom shortcode tags are not ideal but if you have an HTML theme it's easier to convert it with Hugo than Gatsby.


If you want a custom site or section ToC then you can use a section page template

If its single page ToC you need to customize then use a custom list template


I miss template Inheritance, just like in Nunjucks (11ty).

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