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I writing theme for my personal blog right now. And I have exactly the same requirements as you, maybe except comments - I don't plan to host comments on my blog instead I plan to link to resources where discussion happens for example hacker news or dev.to or reddit.

Here is the repo github.com/stereobooster/hugo-pipe.... Here is the preview stereobooster.netlify.com/. I still need to finish some things and I plan to write blog post about some details and tech challenges

I didn't pick any existing theme, because I want my own unique look and because I have my own standards for performance. It goes well, except I need to work more on performance of images and I need to implement consent dialogue for cookies, and test meta tags


Looking nice! I ended up giving up on comments for now (I was looking at utterances, but it turned out it's got some serious issues with 3rd party cookies, so you basically have to host it yourself. Staticman seems a bit unwieldy and I haven't yet found a better solution, while Disqus is just too privacy-insensitive to consider, and is a bandwidth hog. So for now I've ended up just adding a Netlify form that allows for direct contact via email.

Well done on starting with your own theme ... it does work, and you end up with a tailor-made site, but it's exactly the experience I was trying to to avoid, and why I wrote this article. My site now works because I eventually built frugal to eke exactly what I wanted out of my site.

I'd have been so much happier to have had an OOTB theme that worked and maybe needed some minor tweaks over time, rather than wait 6 months to begin writing, so I thought I'd warn others.

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