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Upgrading To PHP 7.4 (Laragon)

Its no longer news that PHP 7.4 is now available with lots of exciting new features. Yeah, and everyone wants to get a test of it :)

PHP 7.4 comes with numerous improvements and new features such as: Typed Properties, Arrow Functions, Null coalescing assignment operator, Unpacking Inside Arrays, Opcache Preloading etc.

You can walk your self through this new features here. Thanks to PHP development team. Bravo!


Laragon is a modern, maintained and rich-featured local development environment. Laragon comes pre-installed with many popular applications like Node.js, PHP, Apache, Nginx, Redis, Composer, and MariaDB/MySQL. It’s currently available for only Windows OS. You can download it here.

Please note that Laragon’s latest release as at the time I wrote this article haven’t shipped with PHP 7.4 and that’s the essence of this article.

Upgrading to PHP 7.4

First lets download PHP 7.4 for Windows. Here is a direct link for 64 bits and 32 bits. Extract the downloaded zip file to Laragon’s PHP folder.

Note that Laragon’s PHP folder can be found on this path:


Now open Laragon app on your system, click on Menu, navigate to the menu item, then change the PHP version to the latest one you have on your system.

Now you have your local development environment running PHP 7.4!

Cheers !

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balduinofernando profile image
Balduino Fernando

Thanks bro, I needed it... I discovered Laragon few moths back and its an awesome software to start web development in easy way. Saving time to install and configure a well functional web dev environment.

stephenjude profile image
Stephen Jude

Yeah, its saves lots of time. You are welcome.

mbanon009 profile image

thank you Stephen

gabs profile image

Damn. Thanks

amaroamaral profile image
Amaro Amaral

Hi! Thank you for the info! Just FYI the links for the PHP are broken!

stephenjude profile image
Stephen Jude

Thanks for pointing it out. It's fixed now.

juarisco profile image
Juarisco • Edited

Very easy!! this video show you how to update to PHP 7.4 in Laragon:

mohamedeveloppeur profile image
Mohamed Sarr

Thank you steph Thats amazing