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Stephanie Yip

I’m working on the issue below. What’s the best way to better understand how the RSS publishing feature works?

Improve documentation of RSS cross-publication feature #321

Hi! Thanks for the RSS cross-publish feature. Just had a suggestion related to its documentation in the website.

Feature Request or Task

User Story / Description

As a user wanting to cross-publish on DEV, I would like to have a description of how a draft is created from an RSS item so that I can decide whether my feed is correctly formatted for cross-publication.

Definition of Done

  • The tags used to build the draft are documented on the cross publication page in the user settings/profile.
  • If multiple tags are used/tried to pull the content (eg content, summary...), their priority order is documented.
  • Whether drafts support content with markdown content is documented.

Additional Info (device/browser, helpful links)

From Twitter discussion with DEV:

Hey there! Yep, if you put your Markdown as in the tag, it should properly pull in. Alternatively, if you don't want to change your description tag, we look for the content and summary (and description, in that order respectively) tags to pull the body text.