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  • Get another dev job ASAP. It's proving more difficult to find my second job compared to my first. Seems like my 2 years of experience and immense passion/drive aren't enough. Everyone wants 3-6 years experience. :-/ I also want to move from Ruby on Rails to Javascript.

  • Speak at a conference. I've already submitted 2 proposals and hope I get one accepted.

  • Make at least 2 outfits with integrated LEDs & an arduino and coded completely in Javascript using Johnny-Five. I just started working with hardware (raspberry pi) and have gained enough confidence to tackle making wearables now.


Yay for submitting proposals!! What subjects are you looking to speak on?


Getting started w/ hardware + Building art stuff with hardware. I just started and despite feeling completely inadequate in that area, I managed to make some neat stuff & gain confidence to move onto bigger projects (like making wearables this year).

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