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Examples of Pandas In Real Life - Ẹ Gbà Ẹ Tọwó

Some of the real life examples of Python Pandas is that it is widely used in:

  1. Recommendation Systems: Netflix, YouTube or Spotify have been giving us great recommendations. This is only possible by handling a lot of data and by learning user inputs.

  2. Stock Prediction: With Pandas, we can make models that will predict the Stock Market results.

  3. Economics: Helps to know how the Economy is growing in various sections. Economists can use Pandas to analyze huge datasets.

Other Uses by Pandas Website

Pandas is fast. Many of the low-level algorithmic bits have been extensively tweaked in Cython code. However, as with anything else generalization usually sacrifices performance. So if you focus on one feature for your application you may be able to create a faster specialized tool.

Pandas is a dependency of statsmodels, making it an important part of the statistical computing ecosystem in Python.

Pandas has been used extensively in production in financial applications.

Written by Rasheedah

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