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Top 7 Cloud Based Software Testing Tools

Cloud testing contributes to being a kind of software testing in which a specific software app is tested, with the aid of different cloud computing services. The objective of Cloud testing is testing the specific software for different non-functional and functional needs with the aid of cloud computing. It assures quicker availability with flexibility and scalability, which helps save costs and time during the software testing.

Cloud computing has earned a high reputation as the internet-based Platform, offering different computing services, such as software, hardware, and different computer-related services. There are different Cloud computing models, which include Platform as a service or PaaS, Software as a service, or SaaS Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS.

There are different tools, which stand second to none in offering supreme quality of cloud testing services. Though they have similarities in function, there are differences in features, the types, pricing models, use cases, and potential customers. Owing to this, the cloudscape has become highly crowded. In this article, we have included five cloud-based software tools.

Firebase Test lab

It is a popular Android tool for offering top quality cloud testing services. It is possible to conduct this type of testing across a bunch of configurations and devices with a single operation. Hence, you will be able to use these software testing tools with different test results, such as screenshots, videos, and logs, which are present within the Firebase console.

If Quality analysts do not write their test cases, they can make the proper use of this tool. The automatic software testing feature of this tool provides the suitable option for automatic testing. In addition to this, it provides visible signs of different app crashes.

The pricing model of this cloud-based mobile testing comes with three different plans. The free version is referred to as Spark and comes with certain limitations. The Flame is another plan which includes monthly payments, whereas the Blaze plan ensures payment as you use it. A variety of Android devices offer the prerequisite choice to conduct software testing with this tool's aid.

It is also equipped with a built-in ROBO test, which provides the suitable choice for the analysis of different UI applications. Besides this, it is useful to automatically explore the User Interface with the stimulation of different user activities. You can use this tool with different CI systems. This tool also incorporates the integration of the gcloud command-line, Firebase console, and Android studio.


It is another popular cloud-based mobile testing tool that stands out of the ordinary in conferring manual testing, mobile performance testing, test automation, real-device monitoring. Apart from this, it features 14 different secure data centers that boast of several real devices. It is possible to get access to these devices from different browsers.

This tool comes with three unique payment plans, referred to as Enterprise, Advanced, and Basic. In addition to this, it includes a free trial for 2 hours. You will get about 10,000 tablets, phablets, and mobile phones in this specific cloud testing service.

AWS Device Farm

It is a popular cloud computing software testing tool. This testing service offers the right option to the software tester to run different applications on several devices at once.

So, the tester will be able to view the error screenshots, logs, videos, and performance data. In addition to this, it helps in fixing different real-time problems before the shipping of the application. There are two different kinds of software testing, which are known as remote and automatic.

It is possible to test the native and hybrid applications by choosing this software testing tool.

This cloud-based software testing tool is equipped with a ready-made fuxx test that ensures that the software developers do not need to test the software independently. So, the Quality Analysts run the tests with the aid of non-rooted and real devices with different OEM and branded carrier offerings.


It contributes to being a well renowned cloud-based testing tool that offers the suitable choice for cloud-hosted testing, security testing, and cloud load testing.

It is recognized to be the cloud testing framework, which offers a helping hand in testing different web applications on the different combinations of browsers, hardware, and various operating systems.

Apart from this, it offers a cloud testing service that is known to be fully managed, on-demand, and scale. Another primary benefit of this cloud testing tool is that it helps in designing and recording different test scripts, exporting different test results, offering the view, and ensuring comprehensive reporting.


BlazeMeter happens to be the cloud-based testing tool that offers the suitable choice for an end to end performance to execute the complete test cycle. It is a popular cloud-based software testing tool that helps in the simulation of different test cases.

You will be amazed to know that it is possible to simulate about one million customers with this software testing tool's aid. It is useful in simulating about one million users. This cloud-based software testing tool confers real-time reporting so that you can find real-time and accurate data.

There are different benefits of opting for cloud-based mobile testing. You can use this tool across different OS platforms and different devices. Besides this, it is possible to access this mobile-based testing from any place at any time.

In addition to this, you can initiate accessing this tool with login and URL aid, with different credentials. Also, it provides the opportunity to integrate with tools for collaborating with the team.

Along with this, this AI software testing supports real-time software testing with the aid of different real network carriers. It also confers the facilities for parallel software testing, which confers concurrent testing. It helps in saving an ample amount of time during the test cycle.

These tools, used for QA services, are considered to be an integral part of the software testing life cycle. These tools act as enabled for meeting the stakeholder and product owner expectations. Also, they are useful in launching bug and error-free mobile applications within a short period.

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