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Benefits of automated testing

So many organization these days shifting from manual testing to automation testing. There are so many reasons behind this, basically test automation services provides numerous benefits to the organization. Testing engineers and developers, as well it is advised to those organization, which are still using manual testing procedures to shift their services to automation testing procedures. By this way, they will be capable of making their organization a better place to work for the employees and to avail the services for the customers. Today we are here to describe the essential benefits of the automated testing tools to help those organization who are still using the old methods of testing processes.

Save time

Most of the testing genius believes that with manual testing their requires so long to write the test scripts to perform the testing processes. The more difficulty they feel at the time of regression testing to save the time of these engineers to write the scripts for automation testing helps a lot. Automation testing allows the test engineer to use test scripts any number of time in the repeated mode they don't need to write the testing scripts again and again.
Quality check

Automation testing processes are capable of providing you cross check the test results; this will help the test injurious to improve the quality of the testing processes as compared to the manual testing.

Quick bug detection

While working with manual testing procedures, it is difficult to find the bugs with the test engineers need to manually use the application. Many numbers of times to find the exact problems in the application but with the help of automation testing tools, the bugs can be easily detected in the application to save time and efforts on the software development life cycle.

Test performance of the application

With manual testing, a test engineer is not capable of simulating the thousands of numbers of users on the application at the same point of time lack of this facility eliminate the performance check in the manual testing. But with the help of automation testing, a test engineer can easily put the load on the application to check how the application behaves when thousands of users use it simultaneously reusability.

Test automation allows a test engineer to reuse the test scripts prepared with the help of automation testing tools. The tool saves the requirements of the application for the future as science test engineer can utilize the test scripts as many time as they want, especially for regression testing.
Robust and easy reporting

Automation testing tool has the amazing benefit of tracking every test script. Every test strips should, which is executed, is stored in the visual logs of the testing program. And a test engineer as well as other departments or a related person of the organisation can see these visual loss in these reports the clear data or information is available regarding the test scripts like number of test scripts to execute a number of test strips are already executed schedule of the testing process reported bugs and many more.

Testing capability

When it comes to capability automation testing tools can test all types of applications like web application desktop applications and mobile applications also that is there are numerous testing tools which can test and application in various browsers and operating system environment at the same time. Also, there are so many tools available which are capable of testing all three types of applications under one roof.

Enhance the test coverage

There are various testing tools which can use thousands of line of code in one test case. They are also capable of writing the test case and test them easily. These tools are responsible for and sure that the application is working fine in all the aspects like user interface, Web services, databases, functionality, etc. This helps test engineers to improve the test coverage and with the improve test forestry are capable of getting the testing reports quickly.

Manpower utilization

It is believed that is an organization is using automation testing processes. Then they no longer need so many test ingenious in the testing team they can decrease the number of people on the particular project and utilize those people to test more projects simultaneously.

Test flexibility of application

Flexibility is the ability of the application to mold itself according to future requirements. The automation testing tools are capable of testing our flexibility to match the future specifications of the application. They simulate the various conditions which may arise in the future in a particular project or application.
Reduce the chances of failure.

When it comes to manual testing, there is always a large percentage of chances of the failure of test testing procedures. The reason behind this is that sometimes the application has some hidden curves which may or may not appear at the type of testing processes. If they do not appear, then, those parts go with the application at the time of release. But with the help of automation testing tools, a test engineer can easily find the hidden bugs available in the application. To make sure that the application is working properly and there are no loopholes available in the application.

Improve return on investment

Return on investment is an environment which provides a clear picture to management and project managers that what are the specific benefits the company can avail from the particular project. So first you need to find out what are the requirements of the application, what is the budget of the application, what you are spending on the application exception, the cost of manual testing includes various aspects, like the cost of manpower, cost of time, cost of efforts of the test engineer, etc.


The above are the various factors which help you to improve the testing processes with the help of automation testing tools. Most of the tools also provide trial versions with limited functionality so that the test engineers can check is the tool is beneficial for their application or not. If you have experienced any of the above benefits of a testing tool or you want to share more than that of the automation testing tools with us, then please share with us in the comment section.

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