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Quarantimer - A timer to get your quarantine into perpective

stefvardalos profile image Stefanos Vardalos ・3 min read

I always thought that I was prepared for the coming apocalypse. After all, I had thoroughly studied all the important material. I knew what to do in all the possible situations in case a zombie outbreak was to happen, thanks to the very detailed Zombie Survival Guide, or the graphic representation of them in The Walking Dead and of course the hours of practice I had gone through on Resident Evil. I was ready to make the appropriate preparations to survive the riots and the killings on the streets that an anarchy state would bring, like I saw on the Purge , or read on the Anarchy. From Independence Day to the War of the Worlds, I knew exactly what to wait from an Alien invasion, where from Falloutand Borderlands I was prepared on what to wait from the aftermath of the apocalypse. Of course, I had created the appropriate playlists with all the relevant songs, from REM’s It's The End Of The World As We Know It to Muse’s Apocalypse Please and from Neurosis’s Stones From The Sky to Godspeed You Black Emperor East Hastings.
managing expectations
What I had never imagined thought is how much fuzz would have happened around the toilet paper. We might not live in situations quite like anything mentioned on any of the above materials, but we sure live some strange times. Here in Greece we are two weeks into the quarantine now, as in many other countries as well, which does not seem likely to change any time soon. So, we thought about creating a small project to use some of that newly found but so unpleasant free time. Quarantimer aims on giving all of you that are in quarantine a sense of time, keep reminding you that it actually hasn’t passed more than some days (although it already feels like months) and give a new perspective on your empty calendars.
let's hope we don't need more
The app was build with Angular. It is hosted on AWS and served through CloudFront’s CDN. Obviously, even during quarantine, there is no time for data entry, so some scrapers where build using NodeJS and Cheerio. After all, it seems like that although some zombie killing knowledge will not help a lot during this crisis, the ability to devour pop culture will help us while we wait for all of this to blow over
have a nice cold pint
Happy Quarantine

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

#StayAtHome #WashYourHands #StopTheSpread #InThisTogether

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