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Why would you ever be a junior developer? 🤔 Isn't just a way for companies to pay less?


Well, when you want to break in the industry, you first search for internships. After 2- 3 internships you start applying for junior positions.
But those positions usually ask for 2 years experience as a junior already :-)
It's how it goes, at least on all jobs boards.
Some even break junior position even further in entry level juniors, medium level juniors etc


I was one of those who managed to skip the internships and jump straight into Junior level positions, so that makes sense. I applied for a ton of internships alongside jobs, but they had a number of reasons why they declined me, mainly because I was already so close to done with school by the time I was searching.

I am in that position right now :-D Not exactly a student :-))
Well I guess you won't change your job too soon, this means even more experience and at this point it really wouldn't make any sense to keep the junior tag.


Yea it very well could be a way for them to pay less, when I was job searching I was probably denied some positions because my desired salary was "too high" - but really I was just asking entry level developer market price.

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