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re: Hey Steffen, I was in a similar situation a few months ago. I was in a team with 20 devs, 3 front end developers of which I was the only one vers...

Thank you for your comment 😃

Your story sounds almost exactly like mine. I wrote this article last year. A few months after, I had a total break down. Today, we have a much different environment in my team. We are much more open, and everybody is helping everybody. What really helped was being open to each other. I even went directly to my boss. I said that something had to happen. I can also recommend pair programming. I actually have an extra set of keyboard and mouse on my desk connected to my computer. People can just come up to me and work 😃

By the way, we also have Lunch and Learn. We just call it Talent Talks. We sometimes have Beer and Learn - even though people are just drinking sodas 🤓

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