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Discussion on: React Quickstart Tutorial

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hi hi, thanks for the feedback, I'll address these one at a time

@using something like create-react-app,

I mentioned in the post, i'll reiterate here, sometimes the amount of boilerplate code and files can feel overwhelming to someone who's new to the an ecosystem, in my own experience when struggling to learn things, I feel as if I understand a lot better when things are done from 'scratch' almost.

@using props instead of params,
the initial thinking behind it was to relate it to a function however I think on this you're right, it will be easier to transition between tutorials if I used the more standard props

@destructuring in the method signature
I did it for readability but at the end of the article in conventions section as well as in the more network example, I used destructuring in the signature and explained that this is convention

@using strictMode
You're right this would definitely help with debugging, I may edit and add in

@using 'set' vs 'update'
I've seen both across many codebases

@useEffect example
The example isn't meant to be optimal for efficiency rather for showcasing the different parts of useEffect, same goes for things like useMemo, again this is meant to be someone's introduction, as I described above things are made needlessly verbose at times just demonstration and explanatory purposes.

@react router
Again, key word being simplicity and yes the point of any routing system in a frontend framework is to not refresh the page which is why we even bother using NavLink instead of a normal anchor tag

thanks again, I shall make some of the suggested changes once I feel they keep understanding from a beginner's POV optimized.