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A super fast rest interface to pick Geospatial datasets.

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GeoPicker is an open source project, not only another simple elevation service but is designed to easily distribute small packets of geospatial data picked from large geospatial datasets

Article about this project:

Official Github repository:

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Geospatial data picker via fast http rest interface



Geospatial dataset picker via fast http rest interface written in NodeJs for GDAL bindings and Fastify


Geopicker has been specially designed to offer the widest range of formats and methods of data requests that is possible, to adapt to any context of use by the client Each endpoint and the parameters it accepts have been designed on the basis of the functioning of already existing services, gathering a complete and coherent collection of APIs At present the index.html page contains a large implementation of browser side requests using LeafletJs as basemap and jQuery.

Article about this project

API Rest endpoints

it's work in progress

Status Method Path Return Description
✔️ GET / object service status, versions, datasets
✔️ GET /datasets object list available datasets and their attributes
✔️ GET /:dataset object show attributes of a certain dataset
✔️ GET /:dataset/:lon/:lat array get single location value of dataset,

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