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Discussion on: Web Components 101: What are Web Components?

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Stefan Nieuwenhuis Author

Thanks for your reply! Browser support for Web Components is indeed growing. Mind that Safari and IE11 don't provide support (and probably never will). Luckily, we can use polyfills. Source:

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Danny Engelman • Edited on

Hold your horses!

Safari does support Web Components;
and has done so for a very long time!!

Safari does not support Customized Built-In Elements, (eg. extend HTMLButton)
only Autonomous Elements that extend from HTMLElement

Note that all BaseClasses: Lit, Stencil, Ionic etc, only extend from HTMLElement also.

So Customized Built-In Elements can only be created with Vanilla code. But is generally considered a dead end because Apple has some valid arguments against the implementation.

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Stefan Nieuwenhuis Author

Thanks so much for elaborating! It's true that Safari only supports Autonomous Elements! I'll update my article accordingly.