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Stefanni Brasil
Stefanni Brasil

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Nevertheless, Stefanni Coded

I began to code because...

I wanted to be a Scientist since I was a child. I grew up reading Science Fiction, Technology always fascinated me. But when I had to decide which path take in college, I decided to study Literature. But I always had this dream of being a Scientist and building something good for society. I was tired of always discussing, I wanted to create something too.

I began to code when my friend, Amanda, and my boyfriend, Thiago, encouraged me to start coding. I started studying on my free time and I loved the idea of how many problems you can solve with some lines of code - and a lot of patience :)

I am overcoming...

Anxiety about changing career. I am confident that I'll become a great Software Developer, but there are some days when I don't.

I want to brag about...

I started doing some Open Source Contributions like this and this :)

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