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Stefan Majiros
Stefan Majiros

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Flutter for React Native Developers |1| by Stefan Majiros

Content / What it about :

What is what in Flutter ? Things like pubspec.yaml, widgets, Dart. Dart and its similarity to Typescript, hot reload, type checking. Linters, addons and IDEs., installing & hosting private packages.

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Martin Jablečník

Yes Flutter and RN are similar a lot but the one big difference is here:
Flutter is owning every pixel on the screen in contrast with RN which use native components. So with Flutter you can have some your own design which is same through all platforms and versions of devices without limitations.
For example you can use Neumorfism design instead of Material or Cupertino:

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Stefan Majiros Author

Thanks for commenting!

I worked in team with RN implementing custom designs (from 3rd party agencies) and to be honest, we were able to implement them without significant problems (yes, we needed to fix minor details for iPhone X, or small devices like iPhone 5) - but in the end, it worked very well.

I am only on my way to be able to implement these custom designs with Flutter (and discover Flutter "internals"), but I believe you can ship really "serious" things with both frameworks.

Neumorphism is quite a controversial topic from what I saw - lot of people like it, and lot of people (including me) dislike it - but I must admit, it's interesting idea.

The published post was aimed to be something like "mind-map" for RN developers who want to try Flutter (simply, 'what is what' in these 2 different worlds).

As I am trying not to be tightly tied to any framework or technology, the article should not aim to put one framework below the other - negatives and positives exist in both.

I believe there is no technology like "one-size-fit-all" or "best-framework", or "best state-management library you HAD TO use", etc - I think you understand what I mean.

My second belief is, that customers or end-clients does not really much care about what library / framework / technology you used (until you are not building things with something like COBOL) - but they really care about the final product you would deliver.

So, simply choose what works for you and build amazing things :)

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Martin Jablečník

Thank you for your answer :)
And yes I agree that every technology/framework have some pros and some cons.
And every is good by people which they use it.
It's interesting how technologies are evolving during last 10 years and how every company want to have some their own cross-platform solution.. :)

  • Google with Dart and Flutter
  • Facebook with JavaScript and React Native
  • Microsoft with C# and .NET/Xamarin
  • JetBrains with Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Scade with Swift for Android
  • Qt Group with Qt cross-platform solution

So every developer can choose their own technology by their taste and language which want to have for a great work.. :)

Have a nice day ;)

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