Favorite UI kit for prototyping?

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Hey everyone!

I build a lot of prototypes for my own projects and for clients, as a freelancer. Because there often isn't a budget for design, I am forced to use UI/UX kits to build these prototypes. Unfortunately, design is by far my weakest skill so I use a lot of prefab stuff, and I "borrow" a lot from other websites. However, I haven't found a real UI kit that makes prototyping easy and fun.

Which UI/UX framework or kit do you love using, and why?



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Ironically, I really like UiKit. It's got a ton of components, both CSS and JS, and looks really great. It's got enough stuff that you could build most websites and decently complex interactive web apps with it.


Oe, looks really clean. I'll give it a try!


Sir, why ironically? UiKit is simply outstanding, imo.


Ironic because the author was asking for a "ui kit", and I recommend "UiKit"

Oh. True, those german folks little lack imagination when it comes to naming haha.


Semantic UI. It has a lot of documented elements and combinations, with reasonably memorable adjective-based css classes. Example: make a ui button primary and disabled by changing (css classes) to ui primary disabled button. We use it not just for mockups, but in production. A similar one that is completely flexbox-based is Bulma.


At ExamPro we heavily use Adobe XD.
We needed to create lots of AWS architectural diagrams so our UX Engineer created us our own UI Kit for AWS Architectural Diagrams

We haven't settled on a UI Kit for web components as of yet.