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Server: NewRelic
Logging: Timber
Marketing/Usage: Segment (With GA and a bunch of other tools attached)
App bug reporting: Sentry
Backend bug reporting: Appsignal

Honestly, we don't monitor or log 10% of what we should. Just haven't had the time yet to implement better monitoring. #StartupLife


Quick update to this. We're using ELK as well as Timber for our backend logging now.


any specific reason why timber was not sufficient anymore?

We wanted a self-hosted logging solution that allowed us to quickly generate dashboards from our logs.

Thanks for the reply1 So it was about not being locked-in to a vendor and/or to be more flexible?

Yep, pretty much. That and we wanted to own the data entirely without it going to a third party.

totally understandable! thanks :)

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