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Discussion on: How To: Organise a web developer meetup

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Stefan Cosma Author

Hi, @dorelljames ! Thanks. That sounds amazing.

  1. Initially the turnout was about 70% and that is because, where I live, we don't have a lot of events (almost none at all). So just by default people came to the event. From that point forward the amount of participants increased to about 80% - 85%. Usually people need a strong motivation to come to free events. Another bonus was that I gathered some money and bought some snacks and drinks for everyone.

  2. This is quite a difficult topic actually. So far I've relied on friends in the industry, but even the ones that have spoken at the event more the once are running out topics they are knowledgeable about. Slowly but surely people from the community started offering on giving talks about certain topics. My advice is to first find the speakers and then set the topic. And try to plan ahead a few events.

  3. Yes, actually. My long term plan is to build up the community, create an NGO that helps in promoting web development from a young age and among all people. Another part of my long term plan is to create a conference that is web related (just like for example Smashing Conference) since there are none in my city. I have a lot of ideas but not a lot of time to implement them.

I would love to share some more ideas with you. If you ever have questions or advice email me at