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Generate SBOM

Perhaps the easiest way to generate a SBOM file is to use GitHub which relative recently added that as feature, Introducing self-service SBOMs.

This feature can be found at the Dependency graph section which is located in the Insights-tab of your project. In that view there is a button to export a SBOM file in the SPDX format.

However if you don't use GitHub then there is a lot of other tools to use, maybe this link, awesome-sbom, can be a good start.

If you have a dotnet project then you can use the sbom-tool from Microsoft like this:

# Go to the root of your project
dotnet tool install Microsoft.Sbom.DotNetTool
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Which will add the tool to the tools config file of your project.

# Will output some help on how to use the tool
dotnet tool run sbom-tool
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