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Zapier Alternatives: and N8N ⚡️

A good developer is a lazy one, by automating everything.

Now complex automation is available for non-developers thanks to NoCode plateforms: Zapier, Bubble, Make, or IFTTT. However, you must pay for each flow/action executed, and that's annoying.

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Two open-source alternative solutions are available to host on your own server:


Link to the Github repository:

You can create automation flow with 400 integrations (list of integrations). If you need help, the community is quite active with 55385 members.

N8N flow example

Advantages for developers:

  • You can code in JavaScript or Python, with Conditional logic and branching
  • Use external NPM or Python libraries.
  • More than 1000 templates are already available.
  • Create your own API integration, a rich documentation and tutorials are available

Deployment guides are available for the most known Cloud providers, and guides to deploy on your own server with Docker-compose:

Link to the Github repository:

Described as the "Open source Zapier alternative", Automatisch is a Nocode emerging solution, but growing daily with +4000 stars on Github and they are supporting currently 48 integrations (list of supported apps).

Automatisch example

Advantages for developers:


If you want to automate, I would recommend to use:

  • N8N for building technical and complex flows, for instance adding conditional logics and code.
  • for building flows without needing a lot of technical knowledge.

Have a great day!

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