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Max Ong Zong Bao
Max Ong Zong Bao

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What Do Love About Sir Ken Robinson?

What I love about him besides his jokes. It is that he is one of the truly rare educators that I know in the education system. Who truly understands the importance of cultivating one's creativity and individual talent greatly, instead of measuring it through examinations.

He is similar to a lot of my teachers like a GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) while I was growing up. Who imparts life lessons and look at us as individuals. Who sees greatness within us. Who knows that we will be able succeed in our own way, regardless of our academic results.

Please share on what is it that you love about Sir Ken Robinson? how does he resonate with you? I would love to read about it. :)

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited on

At least in the field of medicine and engineering (including SRE, I think), safety and responsibility are the most important. It may work well with standardization, but not sure if it works well with creativity.

I think he did explained in another video -- -- just not make standardization too dominant.

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Max Ong Zong Bao Author • Edited on

Yup, those requirements are important. The last thing i want is no one following standardisation in the execution of medical treatment or civil engineering where life matters in your hands.

Well, I am quite happy that my country's education system had stopped the slotting of young kids at 12 into different academic levels this year.

As it will greatly reduce the stigma and stereotype they will encounter. Where you are less academic inclined, who is destined for trade school compared to what I had been through.