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Max Ong Zong Bao
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Stop Searching For Jobs and Let Them Come to You


When it comes to searching for jobs, I will fall back on my own Odyssey plan. Which I had picked through self-reflection and thinking about it.

With a game plan on hand, I search out ways or activities that lands me on my next tour of duty.

Like contributing to open source projects, having a blog, helping out in your local meetups, creating a podcast channel. To attract potential employers to find you or spend more time to look at your career journey to judge it by themselves. If you are the right fit for their company before they reach out to you.

The Odds Is Not in Your Favour

What I really hate about the process of applying for jobs online through job portals like indeed or recruiters.

Firstly, It is the time investment by an HR personal to go through a pile of resumes is less than 1 minute each. You spend tons of time and effort to craft a good resume without any feedbacks. Due to the rise of AI, it just filters you based upon a specific keyword or related actives that you had not put it in your resume.

Secondly, It is the practice of recruiters or headhunters from these recruiting companies who place candidates for a job. They are compensated through commission in successful placement by either your employer or yourself. So they think of a lot of ways to get you to apply for jobs that may not be relevant to you which they adopt a spray or pray manner in placing candidates.

Especially the phone "call" that takes about 15 - 30 mins asking you about yourself. Which they could read it from either your blog or resume to get the information in less than 5 mins. Instead, they choose to call you to get to know you better to slot into low-quality jobs that are not relevant to you at all.

How I wish I could get a dollar for every recruiters or "technology consultants". Who adds me on LinkedIn with a cookie-cutter introduction with cringy sales script that is sent out to their candidates by the bucket loads.

Let Them Come To You

This is why I prefer The 3rd door route. Which contains tons of high-quality jobs that are filled before it is posted online. By taking an active approach to making the 3rd door yourself if there isn't one built.

For those companies who seek me out for my specialisation or my personal brand that is high quality and customised to me. Which fits their culture, methodology or technology that is used by them.

Instead of going through the charade of the usual route. Where success rate is low with low-quality job relevancy and time investment by the company is little to none.

This strategy has worked really well for me with companies or founders of startups for a chat. Due to my choice of niche with job offers that I had never thought of getting. I even had the opportunity to pick their brains in the type of career path I am looking to get into.

Digging the Well Before You Need It

Another great strategy is attending local meetups, events of the niche that you are targeting. Then just asking for a coffee/tea session with super connectors you would like to deepen your relationship from that event.

So that you can pick their brains or figure out how you can help them. I usually like to send articles, videos that are relevant to their niches, checking upon them. Provide referrals on good people that I know who they require some help for.

Another great way is contributing to open source in a particular technology to help more people to adopt or use that piece of technology.

Always remember to seek to give more than you take from a relationship. Lastly please go to 6 Min Networking Course. To learn the basics of it to help you deepen and build great relationships with people who you can serve or help in any way.

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