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Max Ong Zong Bao
Max Ong Zong Bao

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Podcast for Developers In Startups


Zig Ziglar was the person who coins the term Automobile University that lead me to listen to podcasts or audiobooks on my daily commute or whenever I'm free.

I always love to listen to stories from these podcast channels that lead me to pick up books.

That is interesting like Red Notice and Boyd.

Soft Skills

One particular episode that I loved was by Jack Barsky who was a former sleeper agent of KGB that resided in America during the 70s - 80s.

  • The Tim Ferriss Show - He's interviews tons of famous individuals like Reid Hoffman, Pavel Tsatsouline.

His focus is on performance, philosophy & many more which he consolidates all of these pieces of advice into his tribes of mentors book.

  • The Knowledge Project - I came across this podcast channel which focuses on adopting mental models & learning and making decisions in stressful situations.

  • The Art of Manlinness - He covers a wide range of topics but focus on classic skills for men from fishing, physical training, virtues, books, personal development



  • Master of Scale - Reid Hoffman talks about scaling a startup from creating one's founding team to famous entrepreneurs interview in Silicon Valley.

  • Side Hustle School - Daily episodes In less than 10 mins.

He shares stories of successful side hustlers, who had built their side hustles for professional growth, paying down their loans or a place for their creative juices.

In each episode, they interview entrepreneurs who had created their open-source startup from the creators of NPM inc to Tidelift.

  • Startup Snapshot - Talks about Asia startups, tech founders and industry leaders that are created by the news media outlet Tech In Asia. I stumbled upon their through their episode about the failure of HonestBee a home delivery startup based in Singapore that had encountered financial difficulties

  • Asia Tech Podcast - Graham Brown conduct interviews with entrepreneurs, VC & industry leaders for digital transformation and innovation in Asia. He even had an episode that interview of CEO Tony Fernandes for AirAsia a Malaysian budget airline.


Alright, this is about the list of the podcasts that I had subscribed.

I hope it might be useful for those who are interested in listening to podcasts.

I would love to hear more from you in the comments on the podcast episodes that you love.

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Top comments (6)

kostassar profile image
Kostas Sar

Nice list, definitely bookmarked more than a couple!

I would like to add Soft Skills Engineering to the Soft Skills list! They talk about many taboo topics in the Engineering world by answering listeners' questions.

attkinsonjakob profile image
Jakob Attkinson • Edited on

There's one podcast I'd like to mention: Syntax.FM. The two rae pretty amazing. There's an in-depth post on about them too.

steelwolf180 profile image
Max Ong Zong Bao Author

Yeah, those are really good for anything related to web development. I saw a lot of praises for it. Might be time for me to subscribe it.

thebenforce profile image
Ben Force

Great list!

I'd also add the IndieHackers podcast.

steelwolf180 profile image
Max Ong Zong Bao Author

Nice, let me know when you are doing it. I would love to know about the process for it.

Take a look at this:


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