re: What are the best Python projects for beginners? VIEW POST


These are some of the things I can come up with on the spot
1) Building Alexa skills using Flask-Ask and various online APIs
2) Data scraper using scrapping libraries like beautifulsoup or Scrapy
3) Visualising data like matplotlib using open data and documenting your progress
4) Teaching Python to people in your area
5) Working with raspberry pi or microbit to build IoT projects or robotics projects
6) Creating a chatbot using python libraries


Thank you for all these ideas!

I have to start thinking about what to do next :D

I will probably work with Raspberry Pi, as they have hundreds of interesting projects to start with!


Hahaha have fun with it then and share it here. I'll follow you to keep myself update on what is happening in the Raspberry Pi side then :)

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