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Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable -


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We are living in interesting & unprecedented times in history which require us to be outside of our comfort zone. Like many people who are suddenly thrust into working from home without much preparation. To even recent events like oil dropping to negative $40 in the history of our dependence on it.

Sometimes it might not feel bad to be outside your own comfort zone. Like in trying out a new flavour, learning to cook or bake, reading a new book or watching a Broadway musical. Focusing inward in journaling or starting your own side hustles/passion projects/side projects in preparation of being fired. I sure had fun taking on challenges like doing 500 push-ups and reading 3 books in a week. Watching "Phantom of the Opera" online had made me put it as my bucket list to want to watch it live in New York.

Taking Action with Calculated Risk

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As I grow older, I learnt that I should put myself in an uncomfortable situation. To grow so that I get to have a better reward. Which sometimes requires me to be aware and focus on the risk that comes with it. Like there was a time. When I was given the option to choose to take the easy way of not going for an internship in my trade school or the hard way. Which requires me to attend night classes with chances that my grades will be affected greatly.

Eventually, I took the harder route and knowing full well of the consequences that came with it. Confidence develops as I became comfortable to take on more risk and the discomfort it gives. If I were to fail which does come with the territory over the years. Which might seem crazy or foolhardy at that time to go for a full marathon without much training & preparation.

Even till this day, I guess I would not have reaped the rewards or did not learnt a lot of myself and made a bunch of friends or tightly knitted brothers that I can count on if I needed it. Without taking those calculated risk. Therefore do not be afraid to learn to take the risk in life. Even if it feels really uncomfortable to step out of your comfort zone to rise to the challenge to operate at a higher standard do it anyway with full focus on the endeavour.

Living with Less

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In stoic philosophy, there is a practice to induce discomfort in your own life. You learn to be grateful for what you have in life, humbled with clarity that you could actually live with less. Which explains the growing popularity towards minimalism. Due to the benefit that it gives, as a form of practice that shapes one's outlook in life.

Adopting spending habits like spending more on higher quality products which last longer & offers a better experience. Having less clutter so that you can focus your energy on things that is more important in life. Like educating and cultivating your mind, deepening your relationships with your love ones or starting the side projects that you had put aside due to lack of time.

Tough Times Don't Last, Only Tough Men Do

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While I was undergoing training as a prisoner of war due to my military vocation. I kept repeating this mantra in my mind to remind myself to never give up. The problems that I have now shall pass as long as I endure & thrive in it. While undergoing this hardship that is placed upon me to test me. To raise to the occasion and operate on a higher standard in my life.

This has proven useful in times that I really wanted to give up as emotional, physical or mental toll upon me was great. I'm sure you won't be undergoing the prisoner of war training as I do. I'm pretty sure there will be times that you would want to take the easy way out. Like drinking your sorrows away or taking other stimulants to make you forget about it for just the moment. I found that scheduling time for activities like exercising, mediation, reading a book. Even just journaling your thoughts in a quiet environment with just a pen and a notebook helps a lot.


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I hope this will be useful for you while everyone is experiencing these times of uncertainty and upheaval that is affecting us in many ways. In life, we are always given two choices. One is to become a victim of our circumstances. The other is to become a victor to take advantage of the deck of cards you are given and to thrive as an individual.

I wish that you choose to be a victor of your circumstances instead of being a victim. Especially in these times that require you to be grounded while everything is going to hell. To transform yourself to be a badass in these time of crisis and uncertainty like David Goggins.

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