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Jan Wedel
Senior Software Developer + Group Lead + Father + Musician + Loves Technology
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When writing an article, proofreading is one important step before publishing. But even with thorough proofreading by the author, problems of any kind will slip through. It could be small typos, structural issues or things that the author assumed the readers to know.
Luckily, this great inclusive community does not make fun of authors. But I would assume, that most authors strives to write a good article, no matter how indulgent the readers are.

As I am not a native speaker, I appreciate someone proofreading my articles, moreover I would value any feedback regarding content and structure. And don’t know why, but I don’t want my colleagues to proofread (for no specific reason).

Long story short: What do you think about building up a proofreading community?

I’m thinking about something that could be backed by technology on

  • Authors can join the proofreading community
  • the can provide tags they are familiar with
  • once an article is done by the author, the status can change to “proofreading”
  • authors with matching tags will get it in their inbox
  • you could even get some credits

I’m sure this will only work with mutual help but this awesome community could make it work.

What do you think?

Discussion (3)

perigk profile image
Periklis Gkolias

I like the idea, I am afraid though, it will take days for an article to be published. I have participated in a couple of medium communities in the past and it was even taking one week to do go through the approval process

stealthmusic profile image
Jan Wedel Author

Hmm, this is up to the author, isn’t it? I mean, anyone could directly publish. I’m not thinking about a mandatory approval process. I usually wait a couple of days before publishing anyway.

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Periklis Gkolias

Ok I missed that. That makes sense, indeed