re: If you are front-end dev - how do you keep yourself concentrated on grooming when BE guys discuss their technical details? VIEW POST


We decided to go Full-Stack. Backend Devs learned Frontend and the other way around. It’s pretty awesome (except from some smaller annoyances).


I thought about it actually and even talked to techlead about it. It our case the problem to do this way is a big learning curve bc of hard legacy code and big code base both FE (Angular, Angularjs, backbone, jquery-based script) and BE (php, php7, go). Infrastructure is cloud, docker, jenkins, elastic-search. I'm still learning business logic of our app as well as FE codebase (many separate apps).
So maybe in this case becoming full-stack is not so good.
But anyway thankd for.c sharing! Appreciate it.


In our situation it’s pretty much the same, we have AngularJS and Angular in the frontend and Vert.x and Spring Boot in the backend. Large code base and yes, sometimes it’s hard and it takes more time and effort, but that how it is. You could also to pair programming. The other option would be to do a complete rewrite which would certainly result in higher effort. The value of estimating, refining and planning together is much higher...

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