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We are doing the common Angular FE/ Java Backend. From the start, it amazes me all the time how complicated it is to get a working environment running, installing all the right versions an so on. Now we build with maven-frontend-plugin which at least downloads the correct node/npm versions and then runs the build.


maven-frontend-plugin is awesome. I love it for combined builds. As is the docker-maven-plugin from Spotify, and the postgresql-embedded dependency from Yandex. Between those, and a well set up Pom file, the only thing that I ever have to worry about version wise is the JVM and Maven versions - everything else is set in stone.

What's more, using that stack, the only versioning concern at all is that the live database matches the one in the tests. I can build Docker containers of the actual services that contain the exact JVM to run on, so even that isn't a concern.

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