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Discussion on: TDD success/horror stories? #discuss 🙀

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Jan Wedel

When I started doing TDD, I wrote a quite complex backend server for machine to machine communication in a small start up alone. I did it completely TDD. By the time I was finished coding, I started it and since then it ran, no bugs in production.

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James McMahon Author

That sounds very validating. How did you test the integrations to other machines?

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Jan Wedel • Edited

Good question. This project was almost 10 years ago, I have to say can’t recall all the details. But we’ve already had a well defined model for the communication.

However, now I remember one thing that actually didn’t work - because I couldn’t test it. It was the database queries. There had been bugs in the queries itself.
Nowadays, I would simply write integration tests with SpringBoot and test containers to validate the queries.