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The Ultimate Mobile Accessibility Resource Guide

I tend to get asked a lot in my current role "Where the hell do I go for mobile accessibility information?!?". The hard truth is, it's not easy to find.

The resources and knowledge are all scattered across multiple different sites and experts. It can be hard to know where to start to look.

It is time to fix that, with the ultimate mobile accessibility resource guide!

Getting Started!

If you are starting from the beginning and want to know the different features and assistive technology that exist on Android and iOS this where to start!

iOS Accessibility 101

Android Accessibility 101

General Resources

Needing general resources that share awesome articles or dive into specific mobile topics? These resources are a goldmine to search through and find what you need! From design to development these have it all!

  • - The best general resource site that helps empower developers to build accessible mobile applications.

  • Mobilea11y - Mobile A11y is a collection of blogs and resources about how we as mobile developers can improve accessibility on mobile device. Created by Rob Whitaker

  • Moba11y Blog - A great set of articles about mobile accessibility that cover a variety of topics!

  • Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - If you need a bi-weekly dose of mobile accessibility news, then subscribe to the mobile a11y newsletter!

Mobile Standards

Where do you go to find what mobile applications must adhere to in order to be accessible?

  • BBC Mobile Standards - An extremely complete and detailed set of standards derived from WCAG and HIG from Android and iOS.

  • W3C Mobile Accessibility - Although dated, the W3C mobile task force created a document explaining how WCAG applies to mobile.

WCAG 2.2 Articles

Development Resources

There are lots of places to look for mobile accessibility for solutions. However, instead of googling, dive into the resources below to find what you need to ensure your content is accessible!






Jetpack Compose


Automation is an easy and effective way for developers to fix accessibility issues in an agile environment. Here are resources to help find the right automation for your development teams!


Automated UI libraries

  • Android Test Framework- Android espresso library comes with a built in accessibility test framework that can easily be used to test your UI accessibility.

  • A11yUITests - The A11yUITests is a great library to catch mobile accessibility issues within XCUI tests.

Design Resources

Design is where a lot of accessibility issues tend to come from. Using the articles below you can find out how to avoid the mistakes and build accessible design practices!


Whew! That was a lot, and im sure there are other resources that exist that I missed. However, if you or your development team are looking to dive into mobile accessibility these are the best resources out there to help you dive right in!

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