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How we hire top talent – Inside The Studio

steadfast profile image Pete Heslop Originally published at on ・2 min read

In this week’s Inside The Studio episode, we chat through hiring in an agency context.

We’re worked hard to develop our team of smart creatives, and we’re proud of our team!

We wanted to share our top hiring tips on how we grew that team.

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1) Run events.

Through running events in our local area, we’ve hired two people. By being present and active in your local community, you’re likely to meet likeminded folk who, if you make a good connection with, will reach out next time you’re hiring.

If you’re not quite ready to run events, go to other events! Hiring will always be easier if you have a more extensive network.

2) Focus on smart. Not skillset.

You can teach skills; you can’t teach smart.

As you run your business, you gain a sixth sense for talent. When I re-met Josh at a wedding, he told me how he hated his job and would love to become a game developer.

I knew Josh’s integrity, and intelligence was there, just the skillset for development that was missing.

Josh spent the first six months at Steadfast learning to code while being our project manager. Josh now is a talented developer working on client projects daily.

3) Being transparent

Be honest from the offset. We always publish salaries on our job adverts, we feel this sets the tone for the culture of openness we expect at Steadfast Collective.

We always interview in our office, again we don’t want to hide anything about what makes us Steadfast.

These three things have helped us develop into a team of seven, ensuring we have built our core ideas into every section of the business.

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Derek D

I was recently approached by the VP of Hiring at a local company who was doing some market research to figure out how she could best serve the developer community and effectively hire them and all three of your points are things I suggested. It's awesome you're doing these things at Steadfast!

steadfast profile image
Pete Heslop Author


I'm glad these points align for you.