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An ode to Offscreen technology magazine

Offscreen magazine is a chance to read about technology on paper. Now in its 20th Issue, Offscreen is a breath of fresh air. Intricate articles, beautiful design and amazing print quality are just a few reasons why at Steadfast Collective, we own the nine most recent magazines. This Christmas, we even sent them to our clients as part of their Christmas gift.

Kai Brach, the creator of Offscreen magazine, has incredible attention to detail, which I am yet to see in any other printed material. The spine of the magazine is designed to lay flat so that when you read it, which you should, the spine can’t be ruined.

Within Offscreen magazine, you will find long-form articles from giants within the industry but also thought pieces from lesser-known rising stars. A personal favourite segment is the ‘Gear’ section; a collage of beautiful products from around the world.

‘A day with’, another regular segment, gives insight into how other people work and live. Someone’s routine laid out on paper from dawn to dusk; each major element of a person’s day explained in detail. It’s fascinating to read how different individuals shape their lives, from their morning workout to how they balance their family/work time.

When chatting to clients or fellow companies about how they use ads, I can’t help but pick up a copy of Offscreen from around the studio to show. In the middle, each advertising company or partner get a double spread. On the left, their logo in black and white, while on the right, a short blurb about the company. A simple and beautiful, non-jarring way to display adverts that is in keeping with the magazine’s aesthetic.

Currently, Kai is taking a break from publishing Offscreen magazine but don’t let this put you off throwing your attention their way. The last four magazines are still available to buy on the website. Kai’s latest endeavour, Dense Discovery is a weekly newsletter about ‘helping web workers be productive, stay inspired, and think critically’. Why not give that a read too?

So there we have it, an ode to Offscreen, a technology magazine. Offscreen is just one of the many publications that fill the Steadfast studio with inspiration and colour. Pop in and visit us for a chat and have a flick through Offscreen as you wait.

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