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Join the waitlist, solve the puzzle and win an amulet.🤩

We have an announcement for engineers. Yay! 🎉

We are building one hub for engineers across the world AND the waitlist is LIVE! 🤩

Reinventing the power of community, careers, events and more, for engineers, by engineers . Sounds magic, right? 🥳

Join the waitlist here:

…. And get early access to the platform when we launch soon!

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SpotAndrew2021 • Edited on

This would be great in case someone needs a mascot. For me, an amulet is not just a prize but rather an important thing that brings me peace of mind and security. I usually have to find interesting and strong amulets at If your award is like one of them, I will definitely participate in your drawing. It would be an excellent game that I find pretty tempting. I plan to participate and claim the grand prize.