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Safest Payment Gateways in USA with Lowest Transaction Fee

The demand for Payment Gateways in USA has increased with the extensive growth of the e-commerce industry. Online payment gateway apps have become an essential component to the thriving of eCommerce businesses.

The agile progression of mobile apps and web development technologies is giving a boost to this software industry. There are many online payment gateways in the market.

These apps enable online transactions between consumers and businesses. As this payment ecosystem is rolling on the web the chances of cybercrime and system failure lead consumers to an awful experience. Concurrently it can harm your business reputations and resist growth.

So, to overcome the threat of security and to avoid the mess. Consumers need the authorized payment gateways software that is highly secured and safe.

Our experience as a web development company and practical knowledge of the software industry help us to list the best payment gateways in all terms to both customers and businesses. These give your customers the confidence to purchase and charge you with the lowest transaction fees.

Best Payment Gateways in USA

PayPal –
PayPal payment gateway app
PayPal is the most popular payment gateway in the USA as well as globally. It was founded in 1998 since then it’s the most used payment gateway in the USA. You can accept payment in any way and anywhere.

This is fast and easy to integrate on the websites. It supports 100+ currencies globally. It has some other fantastic features that are as follow:

• Fast and Easy to integrate on websites.
• Your customer can buy now and pay later
• Support over 100+ currencies
• Recurring payments and subscriptions
• Invoice and estimation option
• Accept payments in person
• Accept payment from credit and debit cards
• Offer 24/7 support in 17 languages
• Most trusted and secured
• Easy to withdrawal system

Stripe –
Stripe payment gateway app
Stripe was founded in 2010 and made to ease the payment process on the internet. From small businesses to large companies any business can use Stripe to accept payment and send payouts.

Stripe is the top-used payment gateway in the USA. It provides users to customize API and control over the different payment methods integration. It supports over 135+ currencies.

With some additional features, it becomes one of the top payment gateways of all time. It has features such as:

• Ease of use
• A large number of integrations with other software
• Powerful customization options
• Number of different payment options
• Stable cost on transaction
• Supports over 135+ currencies
• 24/7 customer support
• Fund withdrawal in minutes – payment gateway app
Authorize.Net was introduced in 1996. This is the most popular payment gateway in USA with the cheapest price. Best for small businesses and eCommerce based on Magento and OsCommerce. It has the most trustworthy infrastructure and offers high-level measures for fraud security.

Authorize.Net is trusted by more than 445,000 traders, managing more than 1 billion transactions and 149 billion dollars in a year.

It accepts all major card payments in person, online, or over the phone. It’s also popular in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the UK. The top features of this payment gateway are:

• Advanced fraud protection
• Customer information manager
• Different payment types for users
• Recurring payments
• Account updater
• Digital invoicing
• Simple checkout

Square –
Square payment gateway app
Square was developed in 2009 by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. This app is introduced to retailers to digitize online payment on smart devices rather than POS hardware systems.

It supports all major cards, online payments like Google Pay, Apple Pay except PayPal. It can process electronic check payments and ACH. It allows users to receive payment on the website, apps, and over the phone.

It’s easy to set up. Users can download software for free on iOS and Android devices, install it and accept payment by plugin the device. It has some additional features that make it more popular as follow:

• Payments solutions, at any scale
• Data Security is taken care of
• Minimize your payment risk
• Free POS app
• Free magstripe reader
• Take payments on your website and mobile apps

2CheckOut –
2checkout payment gateway app
2CheckOut was created in 2006 and later acquired by Verifone (A global payment software company). 2CheckOut is also known as 2CO. It’s the best payment gateway app to make global digital sales easier. Best suitable for the eCommerce business. Trusted by the 20,000+ industry leaders.

It accepts payment for over 100+ currencies. Providing service in more than 180 countries/territories. It’s packed with some extraordinary features never like others such as:

• Coverage in 200 countries
• Allow 45+ payment methods
• Supports 130+ currencies
• Pay-outs in different currencies
• 120+ cart integrations
• Global tax management and compliance
• 24×7 international shopper support
• Merchant commercial & technical support

eCommerce websites without payment gateway are extinct. So, we suggest you the top 5 payment gateways used in USA (or globally). You can choose any one of them that suits your business.

We hope that this article helps you to filter out your thoughts to choose the best one. For the integration and installation of the payment gateway API on your website, you can hire a web developer who can set up the API more efficiently and in no time.

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