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Custom WordPress Website Development Cost & Benefits 2024

Custom WordPress Development can give you the solutions that premade templates cannot. They can offer what you need for your business or brand. You should know “before making any business decision over 85% of B2B clients will look at your brandable website design. Custom WordPress sites are not only for custom and unique designs, they are also built with advanced SEO in mind so from the start you are boosting your website SEO by more than 50%.

On average a custom-developed WordPress site potentially saves up to 30-35% annually on maintenance costs. Also for the security management wordpress is the best choice against cyber threats. Do not get confused with “Custom WordPress theme development” and “Custom-made WordPress development”.

Taking a custom WordPress development service from Starlitdevs helps you develop a unique brand website.

Are you a co-founder, a startup founder, or an entrepreneur? Do you have a question about how to make a custom WordPress website?

If Yes, then we will discuss the following terms.

What is custom WordPress development?
7 Benefits of using a custom WordPress site?
How to develop a Custom WordPress Website?
Who is your developer to design a custom WordPress site?
What challenges do you face to develop a custom WordPress website?
How much does it cost to develop a custom WordPress website?
Where and How to find reliable WordPress developers?

What Is Custom WordPress Website Development?
Custom WordPress development means developing a website from scratch or heavily customized as per brand needs by keeping in mind unique design, UI, UX, functionality, security, and many more. This is not like building a website with full-stack coding.

This comes with Low-code concepts. So no more heavy server requests for extra plugins, and features. Although using page builders like Elementor, Divi, and other similar tools provides a user-friendly interface for nontech designers.

When designing a website for your company you might think about a pre-made template from WordPress library or any page builders. However, this is not a unique process for your creativity or showcasing your brand.

Giant companies like Techcrunch, BBC America, CNN, and Time magazine, we can see they are using CMS like WordPress but not from the free library or premade templates. They are custom WordPress-developed websites. They need a complex design for their company which is not achievable with general WordPress templates.

Difference Between and
The hosting system is the main difference between them. Where provides hosting solutions and is self-hosted and provides information, and resources to the community.

What Is
A web hosting service created by Automattic was founded by Matt Mullenweg. One of the original developers of the WordPress open-source CMS. Offer a range of hosting plans as per user needs. Providing technical support like security, backups, updates, and anti-threat against viruses also gives SEO tools according to the plan. The Walt Disney Company is a great example built with

What Is
It is a software by itself. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little were co-founded in 2003 as a fork of b2/cafelog. You can build and maintain a website with it where you have to buy the Domain name independently. Pre-made template and architecture users can create web applications with its open-source free content management system. This core software can be installed on any web server which supports PHP MySQL or MariaDB. is maintained and developed by a huge community of thousands of volunteers around the world.

Expert Suggestion:

For custom WordPress development is the ideal choice. It offers full control over the domain names, hosting options also for customizations. Users can have top-notch maintenance and security, control for complex custom projects. Where is suitable for simple projects.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom WordPress Website Development?
Before going to use it you need to know WordPress is the most popular and growing CMS with a 62.8% share of the global CMS market. In May 2024 (Update Report), almost 43.4% of global websites are powered with WordPress over 30000 themes are available in the library. Let’s break down the benefits;

Benefit 1: Customized Security
With world-class level cybersecurity, researchers and lead developers are at the core of this system for custom WordPress sites. You can enhance more security by following such steps:

Adding captchas to block bot attacks.
Install security plugins to regularly scan for malware.
Add Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and limit login attempts.
Use SSL to safeguard user data during connection to your site.
Benefit 2: Extensive Customization
The main target of using custom WordPress development is to use custom features which allow users to develop custom functions and data as per business needs. Of course, this is technical and fits with the customer’s requirements.

Benefit 3: Easy To Maintain
It’s using WordPress core that’s why most of the backend maintenance work. An in-house developer needs to download the updates regularly. This is also a budget-friendly solution for the business owners. Where an e-commerce website owner needs to spend a minimum 3750-4000$ per month on maintenance and coding for the design. While a custom WordPress development costs nearly about 1200-1500$ per month. The price is not definite it varies with needs and support.

Benefit 4: SEO Comfort & Compatibility

Custom WordPress Websites are built with streamlined code. Because it doesn’t have extra unnecessary codes to load on the server, that’s why fast load speed, and easier to index on search engines also improve the site’s performance. In short,

Good navigation.
Well-structured sitemap.
Schema for a better understanding of the website.
Best page load speed.
As I early said earlier, custom WordPress design starts with advanced SEO integration. Like optimal use of meta tags, website headers, also alt attributes are perfectly aligned with the target keywords & proper content strategy.

Benefit 5: Fast Building Time
A fundamental coding website needs a minimum of 350-450 development hours to build from scratch. But if you need to do any updates it requires complex work and also increases the work hours as well. Whereas a suitable framework like WordPress which doesn’t have a backend to edit, with custom requirements, only needs 100 or fewer hours to build.

Benefit 6: Flexibility
For your business, you need to customize anything anytime but for a coding website is not a cup of water to play with, for a custom WordPress website development is so easy to work anytime with only less work.

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