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MLH Local Hack Day : Build 2020 #LocalHackDay

Major League hacking's local hack day Build is a global day-long hack day, which brings ideas to life with a worldwide community.

The Local Hack Day Build was scheduled from the Sunday, January 10th to Monday, January 18th across the globe even in this pandemic. It is now converted to online format which makes it more easy for all of the participants to from different timezones to work together. This is a week long Hackathon hosted by MLH. A huge shout out to MLH people who hosted this in such a great way. In this Hackathon 200+ guilds participate and earn points to be on top of the leader board. The members of the guild do the tasks and challenges each day of the Hackathon to get those points. Competition is not the only thing in this Hackathon. This Hackathon is mainly about learning, pushing your limits, getting out of the comfort zone and networking! So out of 200+ guilds I chose Eddie hub guild. The folks at this guild are Amazing! They are super welcoming, super active and supporting community.So the day 1 started with an opening ceremony and then started the challenges. We become more stronger each day after completing each challenge. They are designed in such a way that you can get some easy points and push yourselves to do those projects and gain points. It's a win win for both beginners as well as experienced programmers aka hackers as beginners get to start their journey and learn, experienced gets to test their skills and analyze themselves. The mentors are awesome, they encourage beginners to experiment and submit whatever they build, you'll never feel left out and if you're stuck somewhere they help you out,just reach out to them that's all. Our guild is on 2nd position on the leaderboard 🎉 and I'm sure we'll make it to 1st soon. I have met people who are just starting and Eddie hub made them feel so welcomed. I'm writing this blog on day 3 of Hackathon and I have learnt so much, met so many people from different timezones, experiences. Thank you MLH for bringing so many people across the globe together! I'm looking forward to more of these challenges, community bonding times and memories I will make throughout this week!
Happy hacking!

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