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UI Dev Newsletter #72


Software Crisis 2.0
Baldur Bjarnason shares everything he learned relevant to software project failure in a single essay and tries to answer why it happens and why it is so common.

I Bet You Don't Keep A Developer Journal: 3 Reasons You Should
Simon Barker explains what the value of keeping a work journal is.

Stealing Game Animation Techniques to Engage Users
Eli Penner shares few ways how to use animations while trying to annoy very few users.

Setting juniors up for success
Adiya Mohr explains hiring juniors are an investment.

Privacy-focused Websites
Dave Smyth explains what a privacy-focused website looks like and what you need to consider to build one.

Buttons Generator
Marko Denic shares a tool where you could copy and paste CSS code for more than 100 different button styles.

How I experience web today
Guangyi Li shares a site that demonstrates everyday web surfing experiences these days.

8 Free Sites For Web Developers You Probably Didn't Know Existed
Csaba Kissi shares valuable tools and websites for web development, social sharing, and more.

Just for fun
Robin Rendle explains why newsletters are hot and why they bother him.

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