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Atharva Shirdhankar
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Intro To DevOps🚀🚀🔁 | Day 8

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What is DevOps?

➡️ DevOps [Development + Operations(IT Operations)] is the combination of practices and tools designed to increase an organization's ability to deliver applications and services faster than traditional software development processes.

The 7 key practices of DevOps are :

  1. Configuration Management.
  2. Continuous Integration.
  3. Automated Testing.
  4. Infrastructure as Code.
  5. Continuous Delivery.
  6. Continuous Deployment.
  7. Continuous Monitoring.

In DevOps multiple tools are used few of them are:

  1. Git - For Version control system
  2. React/Flask/Django or any other webframework or techsta k - For building web app
  3. Docker - For Containerizing , Building image, deployment.
  4. Kubernetes - For Management of containers.
  5. GitHub/Gitlab - For CI/CD(Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment)

Hello everyone,
I m currently exploring DevOps more if you have resources or something to talk about tools(since there are multiple tools do to the same task) in DevOps. Feel free to express yourself in comments below.

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