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Stanley Chinedu Ogada
Stanley Chinedu Ogada

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Lite Neovim Distro: A Blazing Fast, Lightweight Neovim Setup

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Welcome to Lite Neovim Distro, a project tailored for those eager to dive into Neovim without any prior configuration knowledge, including my future self! ๐Ÿ˜„ This minimalist Neovim distribution offers a lightning-fast and lightweight setup right out of the gate.

What sets this project apart is its comprehensive guide. Whether you're interested in configuring Neovim yourself or simply want to jump right in, our guide covers all the prerequisites and installation steps to get you up and running with my customized Neovim configuration. Don't hesitate to explore it!


As a Vim aficionado, I've always admired its efficiency. While it's perfect for basic tasks, I often resorted to VSCode for more complex projects. Seeking to streamline my workflow, I experimented with various setups, ultimately embracing Neovim with Lua scripting for its speed and flexibility.

Existing distributions like NVChad were bogged down with plugins, slowing performance. Hence, I crafted a custom configuration focused solely on essential plugins. With Packer and Lua, I optimized my setup for efficiency and speed.

Managing this setup across different systems posed challenges. To simplify, I meticulously documented prerequisites and streamlined installation to a single step. Now, setting up my Neovim environment is quick and consistent across systems.

Picture yourself on a server needing quick edits. With Lite Neovim Distro, you can swiftly establish a lightweight Neovim environment, boosting efficiency and productivity.


Key Notes:

  • The <leader> is the space key.
  • This distro comes with only the NodeJs Debugger. I'm not a Debugger guy :)
  • I have configured only for the following; Find Tweak the config from the Adapter's section
    • Javascript/Typescript: Tested
    • Testing with Jest (Assumes you have Jest installed on your local project): Tested
    • React Vite: Tested
    • React NextJs: Not-Tested
  • So if you need a debugger for any other programming language you will need to configure it yourself


To use Lite Neovim Distro, follow these steps:

  1. Backup or Remove your existing Neovim config (~/.config/nvim). If you don't have any existing Neovim configuration, you can skip this step.

  2. Install the config:

     git clone ~/.config/nvim && nvim

Note: If you get an error, just Hit the ENTER KEY on your keyboard twice and Packer will fix the errors and set everything up for you.
If you're still getting any errors, you might be missing 1 or more requirements on your system, definitely check out the docs for more info

  1. You're all set ๐Ÿš€



Lite Neovim Distro provides a streamlined Neovim setup, prioritizing speed and efficiency. With its minimalist approach and essential plugins, you can enjoy a powerful editing experience without the bloat. Give it a try and elevate your text editing workflow!

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zeropacketloss profile image

Wow! I follow the documentation with my MacOS and finished the prerequisites (You really gathered all the scattered requirements in one place)


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Stanley Chinedu Ogada

Glad to help

zeropacketloss profile image

Thanks really! ๐Ÿ˜‚