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Hello peoples,

I am very excited to be actively joining this community. I've been following the dev community (and learned a lot from the articles and posts around) for quite a while now and as a newbie web developer, I've finally decided to 'join in the social game'.

I've been coding for around 1 year now, so I'm pretty green. I know mainly Javascript and related technologies (Angular, node, typescript). I am fairly advanced with JS (I am familiar with design patterns, modules and ES6+ features). I know some PHP and SQL too but I am fresh and need to consolidate all of these. I work for a company where I contribute to a bunch of websites maintenance (both on the front and in the back-end). I have no 'formal' education nor a technical degree, my 'basic' profession is that of translator/interpreter (I am fluent in French and Russian too so chat to me in whichever of those languages) but the market's pretty dead at least where I live and coding seems so much more fun. Besides web development I am interested in several other topics such as machine learning, AI, mobile and desktop apps, advanced algorithms (here's an awesome repo for you: It's not mine but it's super awesome and has good documentation.

I also have my own website and am open to collaborating, but I won't post a link to it yet (mainly because I am re-designing it currently and am not satisfied anymore with how it looks).

I am a huge anime/mange fan and japanese pop/rock songs (so that's my code music) I also love english covers after anime/game themes.

I love to cook and fool around with my 1 year old son.

Nice to meet you all and thanks for having me =).

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