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The Best Calendar Apps For Android in 2024

In 2024, six top calendar apps for Android stand out as essential tools for managing our busy lives, a stark contrast to the pre-smartphone era when paper calendars and telegraphs were the norms. Having a reliable calendar app is crucial; one that aligns with your preferences, seamlessly integrates with your existing services, and operates intuitively.

Google Calendar, pre-installed on Android devices, is the go-to for many. However, some might seek alternatives for a variety of reasons: looking for different designs or functionalities, requiring compatibility with other calendar services, or preferring privacy from Google's ecosystem. Hence, I embarked on a mission to evaluate them comprehensively.

After a thorough analysis for the second consecutive year, my findings on the best Android calendar apps remain steady, indicating little variation in this sector over time. These selections stand out for their utility and compatibility, catering to diverse user needs.

Our insights into the top app selections are drawn from extensive firsthand experience. The team behind these recommendations comprises experts who have dedicated their careers to exploring, evaluating, and discussing software. We immerse ourselves in each application, employing it precisely as designed, and measure its performance based on predefined standards relevant to the category. Our editorial integrity is paramount; we receive no compensation for app recommendations or for including certain links in our articles. Our goal is to maintain the trust our readers place in us for genuine assessments. For an in-depth understanding of our selection process, visit The Productivity Blog for a detailed explanation.

In my quest to find the best calendar apps for Android, I prioritized apps that:

  • Enable swift event creation, featuring an omnipresent button for new entries. The ability to interpret natural language into scheduled events is highly advantageous.
  • Provide flexible viewing options for events. Essential views include daily, weekly, and agenda formats, with the finest apps offering additional useful perspectives.
  • Ensure seamless synchronization across devices and platforms, using Google Calendar or other services. Apps lacking cross-device sync were not considered.
  • Facilitate collaboration, allowing for event invitations and ideally, straightforward calendar sharing.
  • Exhibit a user-friendly, Android-native interface. Apps must integrate smoothly into the Android ecosystem, adhering to Google's Material Design principles for a cohesive user experience.
  • Integrate deeply with Android features, such as home screen widgets and native notifications, to enhance usability and convenience.

These criteria guided my examination of numerous Android calendar apps to determine the top contenders. Continue reading to discover the apps that excel in these areas.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar shines as the optimal choice for the majority of Android users due to its seamless integration with Google's services. It's already installed on your device and simplifies event management by automatically importing events from Gmail. Collaboration is effortless with Google Calendar.

However, it lacks compatibility with Exchange servers and doesn't offer extensive customization options. Despite these limitations, Google Calendar's integration with Google's ecosystem, including automatic event import from Gmail and synchronization across devices, makes it an indispensable tool. Its compatibility with Google Assistant and ad-free experience enhance its value. Google Calendar's interface provides various views and widgets, making event tracking and collaboration straightforward.

This app is a fantastic starting point for Android users, offering essential features without needing customization. Google Calendar's limitations, such as its inability to sync with Exchange and limited customization, are minor compared to its advantages for most users.

Microsoft Outlook

Best for Users with Microsoft Exchange or Loyal to Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook is the top pick for users reliant on Microsoft Exchange or those deeply invested in Microsoft's ecosystem. This app excels in synchronization, supporting Microsoft Exchange, Google, and Yahoo calendars. Its integration of email and calendar functionalities in a single app may not appeal to everyone, but its clean interface and comprehensive syncing capabilities make it a strong contender.

Microsoft Outlook is ideal for Android users needing Exchange support, offering a unified solution for email and calendar needs. The Android version is user-friendly and ad-free, providing a range of views and widgets for easy event management.


Top Pick for Customization

aCalendar stands out for its high customization level, offering a range of views and the ability to fine-tune the appearance of widgets and the app interface. Its unique hybrid view and customizable widgets make it a standout choice for users who prioritize personalization, despite lacking natural language processing and some user-friendliness.


DigiCal offers a perfect blend of user-friendliness and customization. It features a welcoming interface with weather forecasts and various views, including a unique year view. Despite some limitations in the free version regarding customization, DigiCal's approachable design and customization options cater to users seeking a middle ground.

Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 excels in on-the-fly customization for appointment views, offering a variety of views and a flexible interface. It supports natural language processing for easy event addition and task management. While its interface may feel dated to some, its extensive customization and functionality make it a powerful tool for those who value flexibility in their calendar app.

Proton Calendar

For users prioritizing privacy, Proton Calendar offers a secure, encrypted alternative to Google Calendar. It ensures that your data remains private, even from Proton, as part of a suite of privacy-focused services. While its feature set is solid, the emphasis on security makes it the best choice for users cautious about sharing their data with major corporations.

Choosing Your Android Calendar App

Selecting the right calendar app depends on your specific needs, whether you prioritize integration with existing services, customization, privacy, or a blend of calendar and task management. With free versions available for all listed apps, experimenting with several options to find the one that best fits your lifestyle is easy.

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