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New Attempt on GitHub Pages!

staceypyee profile image Stacey Originally published at Medium on ・2 min read

Life is about adventures and explorations!


What I did?

As usual, register fo an account, and get your email verified.

Next, follow this step by step

GitHub Pages

Step 1: Create a repository with the naming format as indicated.

Step 1 from Github pages.

Warning: Do change your user name or organisation name with dash!

If you need to make a change on the name, do visit

Step 2 — 4 : Follow Step 2- 4 as mentioned in

Clone your repository, create and push your initial page content with the Git client you are familiar with. I used GitX.

ALRIGHT! STEP 5! Hold your breath!

Note: Change the path to the username that you set. For my case,

3…2…1! Tada!



OH NO!! What went wrong?!!

No more clues

I did a search on line and found

My new Github page isn't showing up

Basically you can ignore the comments until the last one!

_config.yml is the key!

Step to overcome!

So I went back to my repo and go for Settings

Scroll down further until you reach “GitHub Pages” session, select a theme!

And now


You will eventually found… _config.yml inside your repo!

Here is our friend!

P/S: I used to use as my testing playground for HTML learning.

The purpose of this attempt is to setup a place for me to jot down my learning progress. Yea, we need to jot and SHARE~

Do not bury what you have experience in the past.

Let’s see what we can do with this. Do share your insights, better options or channel for sharing, if you have any. :)

Happy exploring!

Resources: Github, Stack Overflow


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