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This x1000. So many people lose sight of reality instantly for some numbers on an Excel sheet that I am pretty sure have no factual basis whatsoever. Lots of greed and arrogance. I routinely get complaints for not doing work for other departments because I was waiting on them to give me more details or resources I clearly requested, I'll follow up a little bit with them, but if you are a Senior Vice President and you can't respond to e-mails for your "urgent" projects within a week, you just suck.

My boss shields me from a lot of the bullshit at my company. I get to work from home more than most people so I can actually concentrate (open office FTW!) but she's reaching a point where she isn't able to be as effective with helping me out. In our organization, the IT budget buys software for every other department. So they piss away 75% of the IT budget buying garbage without consulting us and then expect us to fix it, and I am supposed to be doing plenty of my own work instead of dealing with their emergencies all day long. I'm done ranting now...I swear!

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