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Sneak peak: neoan3 v3

tldr; give it a spin: youtube

What is neoan3?

A PHP framework for 2021? With PHP8, the language is not your father's hypertext preprocessor anymore. Instead, the fastest interpreted language has learned many concepts from other languages over the years. However, the Wordpress dominance still results in a lot of "ugly" code and unbeknownst to us westerners, there seems to be a pop culture phenomenon in India that outputs waves of bad-example YouTube videos.

But what about Laravel? The defacto standard in modern PHP web development has a well established community, an abundance in resources and tutorials and countless maintainers. Isn't that good enough? Well, yes and no. Laravel is a powerful solution for many use cases. Here is what it isn't:
It doesn't shine in three important categories. It's not easy/fast to learn, unless you use the work of others, development speed isn't great and benchmarks aren't impressive either. As a matter of fact, it's relatively slow.
neoan3 wants to tackle all these issues while making use of a modern, convenient ecosystem.

What has happened since version 2?

We have moved the neoan3 project to it's own GitHub organization and focused heavily on testability. The result is a decoupled framework that can almost write it's own tests, it is ready for continuous integration, mocking and easy dependency injection. But that's just the candy for industry deployment. For the coder, neoan3 will be the fastest way to develop secure, stable and high performance backends or SSR apps. CRUD basically comes out of the box without limiting you in any way.

Why should I care?

Diving into new technology is always odd, isn't it? Sometimes we have heard a particular tech just one too many times so we decide to give it a spin. Other times, we are being presented with an opportunity and noticed we failed to explore the technology now needed. And sometimes we just stumble upon the very first solution that seems to fit our needs.
So the question is: will you give it 5 minutes? We believe that it will take 5 minutes to get you interested, another five to see the potential, another 5 to start to understand and then another 5 to make you decide to build something amazing with it.

Don't want to wait until November 5th? Dive right in: neoan3 basics:

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